CNX 2022

Community Network Xchange (CNX) enters its sixth year in 2022. CNX Asia Pacific was first organised in 2017, focusing on bringing together community network practitioners and enthusiasts of community-driven Internet connectivity to exchange ideas and serve as catalysts for the grassroots connectivity movement. Conceived and organised by DEF and the ISOC, CNX has been actively supported through the years by organisations such as APC, APNIC, A4AI, and many others. The series of events we are organising in 2022 will highlight stories of network builders on the ground foregrounding how their labour of love and passion contributes to bringing the Internet to their communities. Further, CNX 2022 will also bring out the stories, challenges, and successes of diverse community networks from different parts of the world. Through these events, we intend to share our collective knowledge and learnings to empower a movement of large-scale implementation of community networks for Internet access. This year, keeping in mind the evolving nature of the pandemic, associated travel challenges and online event fatigue, CNX will be spread across five sessions between June and October.


CNX 2020 saw a new segment called “Voices from the Community”, which showcased short videos from different regions where community networks are deployed. These videos highlighted the impact stories, experiences, and local contexts that should be considered in the deployment of community networks. These were the videos and case stories that were showcased through the ten days.


To constantly empower communities, especially marginalised and information-dark communities throughout Asia Pacific Region, with the power of information and know-how of community networks.